Bowen Technique

Bowen Technique practitioner - Kelowna, BCThe Bowen Technique is a recently developed therapy named after its creator, Australian Tom Bowen. Bowen was an untrained masseur who worked with athletes in the 1950’s. He found that his hands were sensitive to nerve and muscle blockages and that with small moves he could remove the obstruction. He developed a system of performing these moves on different areas of the body. His technique was so successful that he was seeing 13,000 patients a year up until his death in 1982.

A Bowen move is a precise motion over a specific point on the body. The movement across the length of a muscle or tendon stretches it, triggers the muscle to relax and affects the energy flow in the area.

Only a few moves are done at once, then the body is given a 2-3 minute rest period to integrate the work and allow it to respond. Rather than forcing the body to do what we wish, Bowen moves are like small signals that stimulate the body to heal itself.

Bowen therapy is used to treat many conditions such as:

• chronic pain
• frozen shoulder
• osteoarthritis pain and swelling
• neck and back pain
• repetitive strain injury
• asthma and COPD

• knee problems
• sciatica
• chronic muscle tension
• fibromyalgia pain
• pregnancy discomfort

• scoliosis

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