The Whole Foods Diet

A whole foods diet is helpful for everyone as it includes the foods that our bodies were designed to grow and thrive on.  Please do not consider this as a ‘diet’ that you try for awhile and then stop.  It is a new way of eating that you should strive towards for the rest of your life. 

  • As much as possible, eat foods close to the way in which they come from the earth.
  • Avoid processed, canned and pre-packaged foods.
  • Buy as many foods organic/wild/free-range as you can afford.  Read more…

How EFT Works

When you perceive a shocking threat, your brain holds the emotionally charged memory to protect you in the future.  These unprocessed emotionally charged memories can remain for decades in the mind.  They are stored in the deep limbic system and from there trigger the stress or “fight or flight or freeze” response when activated again.  Read more…

Heavy Metal Toxicity

The use of heavy metals in medicine goes back to the 1800’s when doctors used mercury for its drastic purging effects and arsenic was used by women for its blanching effect on the skin.  Unfortunately patients often died from the toxic effects of these metals.  Since that time the industrial revolution has led to the release of increasing amounts of toxic heavy metals into the environment.  They are now in our water, soil, food and air.  Even newborn infants can have high levels of toxic compounds at birth. Read more…

Heavy Metal Questionnaire

Do You Know Your Body Type?

No single diet works for everyone when trying to lose weight.  Obviously, we are all individuals with our own unique metabolism and history.  Dr Elliot Abravanel MD noticed this in his patients, some of whom did very well on a basic weight loss diet whereas others would actually put on pounds with the same diet.  Dr. Abravanel continued to observe and study this over the years and determined that metabolism and energy levels are controlled by one dominant gland in each person.  Read more…

Body Type Questionnaire

Building Strong Immune Systems in Our Children

Recent research has found that over-the-counter cough and cold medicines should not be given to children because they are too dangerous.   Other studies have shown that children who received antibiotics during their first year of life had a significantly higher risk of asthma by the age of seven.  Many parents and physicians are at a loss when these two primary forms of treatment are no longer the best option.  What are we to do? Read more…


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